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Material: Polyester +Fiberfill

Age range: 3 months and up

Item dimensions: 18 *16 cm

These soft books are customized. Pls send your design, we will make sample first and then produce it.

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  • GIVE THE BABY JOY & SATISFACTION- The bright colors and shapes of the soft baby book will give them lots of pleasure and they will enjoy every moment. They will discover new concepts that will hold their attention and attract their curiosity. The soft books for babies have educational value because it develops the baby’s brain by introducing them to important concepts. Each book for baby focuses on a different category: shapes, colors, numbers, people, animals, and food.
  • THE FIRST BOOKS FOR INFANTS ARE MADE OF LAYERS OF HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC-The inner layer makes a wrinkly noise. The noise is pleasant and also helps develop the sense of hearing. The baby enjoys touching it because it’s made of soft and smooth fabric. The baby’s motor skills will improve when they hold the infant book and turn the pages. The soft cloth book is suitable for the baby to play with alone, but can also be played with adults. It is great for bath games, as the book is water-resistant.
  • THE EARLY DEVELOPMENT BOOKS COLORS DON’T FADE FROM CONTACT WITH WATER-Don’t worry if the baby bites the book, because it’s crinkle books for infants non toxic. The sewing is not easy to tear. The babies soft books material is cotton, with a sponge between its layers. The soft baby books for infants are pleasant feel make the sound of paper rustling, holding the baby’s attention. The fabric and the bright colors of book help develop the baby’s senses.

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